GlobalPost Twitter and Website Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army


The hardcore supporters of President Bashar Ul Assad from Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) have hacked the official website of U.S. based online news website Global Post along with its Twitter account.

Reason for hacking GlobalPost was mentioned by the hackers in the Tweets sent via site’s official Twitter account, according to which GlobalPost was found publishing names of alleged members of SEA.

Hackers left a message on GlobalPost’s website and Twitter account with a last warning. The message was expressed in following words:

  • “Think twice before you publish untrusted information about Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). This time we shutdown your website and take down your Twitter account, next time you start searching for new job.”

GlobalPost has confirmed that its website and twitter account both were briefly hacked for the first time since the company was started in Jan 2009.

At the the of publishing this article, the website and twitter account of GlobelPost was restored. However, the article with names of alleged SEA members was still available on the site. “We will not delete the news and will cover every aspect of the ongoing Syrian war,” says the GlobalPost.

GlobalPost is an online US news company that focuses on international news founded on January 12, 2009.

Last month I had shared an in depth analysis on possible Cyber Armageddon where SEA can cripple down United State’s defense and financial system. Today’s hack is a glance at how easily SEA choose target and hacks it without any difficulty.

Syrian Electronic Army has been on FBI’s terrorist group list since last September for hacking United States military


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