Someone Hacked Glorious Leader, Kim Jong-un Game and Destroyed it

The Glorious Leader game which lets you control North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has been hacked, according to its developers.

The game was first announced in May 2014 and moved to Kickstarter�just last month in the hopes of getting the funding it needed to finish it. The creators, Moneyhorse Games, pulled it a week later saying they had been victims of hacking inspired by the Sony attack.

The hackers managed to:

* Destroy data for Glorious Leader

* Destroy data for other projects under development by Moneyhorse Games

* Lock the developers out of their computers

* Deny access of the developers to their own website

The developers also claimed that this is not the first time they ahd suffered an attack due to this specific game. It is still not clear whether they intend to stop trying to get funds or simply put an end to the game completely.

Here are some screenshots after the hack:




While Glorious Leader actually had some scenes that bore reference to Sony and the movie,The Interview, Moneyhorse insists that they don�t believe the attack was caused by anyone affiliated with North Korea.

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