Don’t Worry About Typo, Gmail Users Can ‘Undo Send’ Emails

In 2013, we came up with a tutorial on How to undo sent emails on gmail. Now a new email tool has been announced by Google for its Gmail users so that they can retrieve emails that they have sent within 30 seconds.

The new “Undo Send” tool by Google is an amazing new feature added to your Gmail web accounts and the Inbox by Gmail app. You can easily pause sending of any embarrassing email by pressing this button, but, there is a time limit of up to 30 seconds.

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You can activate this facility by clicking on Settings and ticking on the “Enable Undo Send” function under the General tab. You may also select duration of cancellation from 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds.

When you are done with the Settings, every time you send an email a message window will appear at the top of your inbox asking you if you want to “Undo” the sending. 

Remember, undo send email within 30 seconds

Here’s an official post by Google about its new tool

If you click on Undo within the pre-set time duration, the email won’t be sent and you will be asked to delete or edit it.

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