Google Bolivia Domain Hacked and Defaced by Turkish Hacker Misafir


A Turkish hacker going with the handle of Misafir has hacked and defaced official Google Bolivia domain on 30th Oct 2013 along with 7 other Google domains such as Google Translator, Maps, SMS, News, ID, Labs and Google Images domain.

Misafir left a deface page along with a message on all defaced Google domains, expressed in following words:

by misafir! The names can be faked but the abilities never… See you soon

The attack appears to have been of the DNS poisoning variety, in which a hacker gained access to the Bolivian Network Information Center and changed the DNS records of Google’s site to a page owned by Misafir himself.

Links of al 8 hacked domains along with their mirrors are available on the Pastebin link given below:

Hacking Google domains is a now a story of everyday. In past Google Images and Google Plus Malaysia DomainsGoogle Video Costa Rica DomainGoogle PalestineGoogle KenyaMalawi’s GoogleSan Marino’s GoogleGoogle Morocco and Google Saint HelenaOfficial Google PakistanGoogle Images and Google Translator Domain for Burundi were hacked and defaced by different hackers from all over the world.

At the time of publishing this article, Google Labs domain was offline while other 7 domains were restored and working online.


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