Google Patents for contact lens that can scan your Iris

Google’s love for contact lenses is never ending. The search engine giant has already done considerable work on contact lenses and their use in health applications.

Now, Google has patented a new technology that transforms contact lenses into an identification device.

This new technology involves covering all parts of the iris of an eye. The contact lens surface contains one or more light sensors that are embedded on its surface and these reflect off light from the iris.

These Iris scanners can now identify people from 40 feet away

Image Source: Discovery

These sensors collect an image of the iris and it is then compared with the image of same iris saved in computer’s memory. If a match between the two images is found then a door for the wearer will be unlocked or else a file containing sensitive information might become accessible.

Specifications about the technology’s applications haven’t been disclosed in the patent. Presumably, the lenses will be used for biometric authentications in numerous contexts.

Google has been testing smart contact lenses, which can be used one day by diabetics for measuring their blood sugar levels. In such type of lens, a small chip along with sensors is embedded between two coats of lens material. Tears touch the sensors through a small perforation in the material of the lens and thus, the sensors acquire blood sugar levels form the liquid. Through this lens, blood sugar level can be tested once every second.

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VB US Patent, Trademark Office
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