New Option in Google Docs Allows You to Type with Your Voice

Move over boring typing, now Google docs have an NEW VOICE and it is AWESOME!

We need typing no more: delete, space shift return or space all thanks to the new voice typing feature in Google Docs. However, we need to be really attentive as we type and keep that keyboard at bay.

The above-written paragraph was typed using the Google doc voice typing feature. Breaking news is that the Mountain View nerds just announced a small set of upgrades to its cloud office software suite with a brand-new feature which enables the user to type using one’s voice, making it a most thrilling new experience that has everyone talking.

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Care and caution needs exercising while using the feature, however. If you master it, then it’s all you need to make your voice recognition dreams come true, but just one  tiny mistake, just a little slip can make it an arduous task. All your efforts would have been in vain.

Image Credit: Google

The new voice type feature can be turned on by going to the tools tab in the menu bar; it’s also pretty evident from its appearance that the voice recognition software is in fact only invented for simple input purposes. Google’s technical algorithms will clearly decipher when you say a sentence out loud very clearly in quiet and silent surroundings. However, if you make silly mistakes such as hit return or space bar, things will crumble.

Nevertheless, if voice typing proves so innovative and beneficial in a Google Doc, it’s easier for one to imagine just how supportive it might prove for transcribing minutes of meetings or in collaboration with people in other locations. It works well enough for that.

Image Credit: Google
Image Credit: Google

Irrespective of its utility, this cool new feature to Google Docs fits just right and is well timed despite Google taking many years to perfect its voice recognition software. As of now, Google Docs champions a whole new stream of data that can be added to the pool it uses from Android Wear and Google Voice and Google Auto onwards. This implies that Google can continue to make the software better and put together new products. Perhaps it calls for everything to be voice-controlled in near future.

But the question is whether the consumer wants that to happen now or in the future? And this only you, as the consumer,  could answer. For voice typing to take over in future, you either have to master it or alter your work ethic a bit. Who knows, typing might become archaic or artisanal in the future? We may also expect everyone talking to their computers just like their friends. Just like that Joaquin Pheonix movie. Or maybe Google Docs is just pushing boundaries.


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