Google looking to launch X Phones in future

Google in the current year experienced less then 3 percent shipping of their android phones. Meaning they haven’t had quite a lot of market share in worldwide sales revenue of the android devices. Google this year took over the mobile manufacturer Motorola for $12.5 billion a firm which itself was not doing well in the world of cell phones.

Now, Google in relation with motorola’s engineers is planning to come with something which they called as X phone handsets. According to the Google chief, this will enable a tougher competition with it’s rivals and elites of the cell phones market i.e. Samsung and Apple. The features in this phone might include : unbreakable screens and a cutting-edge phone. However, Google must realize it’s supply-chain issues before going into the production of these so-called x phones.

There had been plenty of supply chain management issues running into the Google inc. But Google might take benefit of image recognization
software because they have recently acquired the firm manufacturing it.

So, they can use it as their usp in the upcoming x phone handsets. But critics believe that they might not see all the features in this fascinating Google’s device. Lastly, the handset is scheduled to be launched next year.

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