Google Maps ‘Murder Scene’ In Almere, Netherlands Is Water Trail From Golden Retriever

A recent image from Google earth took everyone by surprise as it showed rare images of a person’s murder. The image clearly showed the presence of a death body sometime into the past there. Splash of blood was clear in the image and with a man standing right next to this splash of blood. This image was taken by Google image helicopter from the Dutch city of Almere.

However, recent investigations on this image proved the initial observations wrong, it was the dog image basically that was captured. This, however, doesn’t come off until a series of investigations was laid by the detective around the internet world. Some of these investigations are as follows:

“From what I can tell from looking at the images (you can zoom in a bit more than the image OP linked) is that this wasn’t just in broad daylight, but in direct view of pedestrian traffic.

“Also there appears to be someone on a bike crossing the bridge and someone with a dog riding a bike just exiting the bridge. Those photos show that whatever is going on was in clear view of anyone across the lake or crossing that bridge.

Many other investigations like this came across the internet world. Until, Jacquelina Koenen identified his dog in the image that led to the confusion, he reported to one of the newspaper. According to him, it was him and his dog on the bridge, his dog like to play in the water and run across the bridge. However, he was happy that due to this incident his dog was famous.

Via: HuffingtonPost

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