Google Maps Will Soon Find Parking Spot for You

Imagine a scenario where you are late for a movie because you can’t find a parking spot or if you found one it is far away from the cinema. Now imagine a scenario where you are not only able to find the location you are trying to visit but also detailed directions on where you can find the safest and nearest spot to park your car through Google Maps.

Yes.. this scenario will soon turn into a reality with the upcoming beta version of Google Maps. This new version will be loaded will cool new features, one of which happens to be offering turn-by-turn directions for the safest open areas nearby your destination to park your vehicle.

Android Police shared exclusive new details about the upcoming beta version ‘v9.44.0’ of Google Maps (Devices running on Android 4.3 and above can download it through APK Mirror). The new version comes pre-loaded with driving directions for regular parking spots along with the availability status of the spot and distance and time estimates. If the software shows a tiny ‘P’ icon, this means you can park your car since the spot is open and available. The new version also displays the likeliness of finding an open parking spot at a particular destination with options ranging from Easy, Medium and or Limited.

Screenshot Source: Google Maps

It is worth noting that Google will be relying on conventional traffic patterns instead of location data, which is why the app may not clearly identify open parking spots as yet. However, the feature is in its evolutionary phases currently and we are sure that pretty soon it will be able to provide accurate guidance to users about open spots to park their vehicles. The feature may also become a lot more focused if Google decides to add its existing user tracking feature so that the Maps remain perfect in real-time too.

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