Google might be sued by FTC over manipulated search engine results

According to recent statistics, Google is said to be occupying 77% of the search engine market and FTC (Federal Trade Commission) believes it is taking unfair advantage of this monopoly. FTC is all said to be taking serious measures to stop Google’s growth. FTC has setup a page report against Google’s mis-use of powers, which they are set to present in the court of law. You would be wondering why is that so? Well, the most obvious reason for this is the fact that every economy avoids monopolies to be made, which Google is making but that’s not the foremost reason behind the allegations laid on Google. It is basically due to manipulation of search engine results on Google search engine.

 There are many website complaining regarding manipulation of Google search engine results. This route of allegations started from the year December 2004 when Darren Rowse (a famous blogger on web) lost of two-third of it’s traffic on the eve of Christmas in it’s Digital Camera section. In response, to this Rowse said Google has started mis-using it’s powers as market leader. In response to it Google’s CEO said, ” We are trying to eliminate spams and weak content on our search engine”. This wasn’t really the desired response for Rowse.

However, Rowse quote of Google mis-using it’s power come true when rank checking tool examined, it brought out some shocking results, the small brands weren’t coming up on the search engine as previously they were able to through generic keywords. It was only the renowned brands coming up the rankings. In 2010, Google introduced Google instant which provided shortcuts to most definite result by typing a single letter. It was soon discovered that 21 of 26 letters brought out the renowned brand names.

These allegation got light especially when a food manufacturing alleged to Google regarding a deployment in the ranking and even not showing the images of it’s products inspite being the best food provider. The brand which possess has the number one ranking on which yelp has alleged and also shows images on it. Really this sort of mis-usage in the powers might get Google in great amount of troubles in the nearby future.

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