Government of Egypt and 185 other websites hacked by Pakthtun72 of Pak Cyber Eaglez



A Pakistani hacker going with the handle of Pakthtun72 from Pak Cyber Eaglez has hacked and defaced 187 websites along with two Egyptian websites, one from Government’s General Authority for Supply Commodities ( and second from an Egyptian university (


The hacker, who contacted me via email, explained that reason for hacking these sites was to show power of Pakistani hackers and let them know that Pakistanis hackers are watching them.


All websites were left with defaces page along with a deface message protesting against drones attacks and bashing the sites admins for poor security.

Mirror of Egyptian Government defacement:

Mirror of Egyptian Institution d defacement:

Links and mirrors of other 185 hacked Egyptian websites are available on Pastebin:

At the time of publishing this article, website of Government’s General Authority for Supply Commodities was defaced by another group, while all other websites were still hacked and displaying deface page left by the hacker.


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