Government of Karnataka Websites hacked and defaced by Pakistani Hackers


Two Pakistani hackers going with the handle of  Dr.FreaK & Xploiter, today have hacked and defaced two official websites of India’s government of state of Karnataka.

Hackers left their deface page along with a message on both hacked websites, the site’s title was also edited to Pakistan Zindabad.

  • Hacked by Dr.FreaK & Xploiter.. Pakistan Zindabad, I’m BacK . Special Greetz To All Old Friends..Miss You Old Friends.

Both sites belong to government of Karnataka, working as State Portal of Karnataka is a single window access to information and services being provided by the various State Government entities. The sites also provide links to other websites/web pages of government Ministries, departments and organisations.

Link of targeted websites along with their mirrors can be find below:


At the time of publishing this article, both sites were hacked and displaying deface page left by the hackers.


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