Shoe with GPS embedded insole tracks ‘lost’ alzheimer’s & dementia patients

The shoe insole equipped with a built-in GPS tracker can also help you track your kids.
Shoe with GPS embedded insole track 'lost' alzheimer’s & dementia patients

SmartSole Introduces GPS Tracking Insoles to Monitor Alzheimer’s/Dementia Patients.

The number of missing Alzheimer’s and dementia patients is increasing steadily because looking after someone suffering these diseases isn’t easy. You cannot afford to look away even for a minute otherwise you might lose your loved one. 

To address the growing concern regarding the security of Alzheimer’s/dementia patients, SmartSole has developed a special shoe insole equipped with a built-in GPS tracker. You can easily slip the insoles into the patient’s shoes and the hidden tracking chip will start emitting a cellular signal to let you know about your loved one’s whereabouts. 

SmartSole says that this is a great product to prevent patients from wandering away while other wearable devices such as bracelets aren’t as effective.

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The company explained on its website that the GPS tracking insoles’ system is based around the procedural memory of a person because even those suffering from “advanced memory disorders” would remember to wear shoes. Conversely, a patient may feel uncomfortable wearing a bracelet and will most certainly remove it.

Shoe with GPS embedded insole track 'lost' alzheimer’s & dementia patients

The company claims that the insole is very helpful for patients and caregivers alike. It not only saves patients’ lives but also lets the caregivers enjoy maximum peace of mind. The insoles keep updating about the location of the patient at every 5-10 minutes’ interval. 

The data is transferred onto a map that caregivers can easily access online using the company’s mobile app. If the patient leaves the assigned area, the tracker will instantly send an email and text message to notify the caregiver about the location.

According to The 2013 World Alzheimer’s report.

Currently, over 100 million people require oversight due to various forms of memory impairment. That number is expected to increase to 277 million by 2050, 60% of them will become “lost” at least once. 70% of those will become “lost” 3 or more times. 46% of wanders not found within 24 hours may die.

The insoles are available at a very reasonable cost ($299 for one pair) along with bi-monthly service plans offering location update option of 5 or 10 minutes. If you are concerned about the safety of your loved one, this is a product you can count upon.

It is worth noting that a study revealed that between 2011 and 2015, around 130 dementia patients in Australia went missing; 19% of them were found dead and 20% were injured. In another study on Alzheimer’s patients in America, it was identified that 60% of the patients were at risk of wandering out alone.

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