Customers reporting their Groupon accounts are being hacked

Groupon, an American e-commerce marketplace is used by millions of people worldwide. Naturally, its usage during Christmas skyrockets and it looks like hackers are well aware of this fact that’s why several Groupon’s UK customers are complaining that their accounts are being compromised and someone is buying stuff they never signed up for.

The confused customers are taking their queries on Twitter which shows that hackers have not only changed their Groupon’s account details but also bought very expensive products. Here are some Tweets from the UK based customers

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The issue was first cited by MoneySavingExpert (MSE), however, BleepingComputer confirmed that only UK customers are complaining about the third party access. The MSE report reveals that Groupon has denied any security breach and blamed customers for using same passwords on other sites. The company claims that hackers and scammers are successful in such feat after stealing login data from third party websites.

Although it sounds absurd coming from an e-commerce giant like Groupon to blame customers or third party websites, users should exercise caution and make sure not to use the same password on every website.

Christmas is peak time for hackers and cybercriminals to conduct their malicious scams and cyber attacks. For the last couple of years, gaming giants have faced cyber attacks from several DDoS attackers to ruin Christmas for users, for example, Electronic Arts, Steam, PlayStation and Xbox have been actively under attacks.

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