After Hacking Bush, Guccifer admits Hacking Hillary Clinton’s Private Email Server

After George W. Bush and Colin Powell, Guccifer admits Hacking Private Email Server of Hillary Clinton and it was very easy.

Marcel Lehel Lazar, infamously known as Guccifer, has admitted to hacking private email server of Democratic presidential hopeful and former First Lady of America Hillary Clinton back in 2013.

Previously, Guccifer had confirmed about compromising personal email accounts of various other well-known and high profile political personalities of America including George W. Bush and Colin Powell. But his list of targets seemingly won’t be ending anytime soon because he is giving us revelations after revelations involving key political figures.

In Bush’s case, he was accused of leaking paintings of the former president. This time, he has proven it to us something that Hillary Clinton always denied, that she did own a private email server. On the other hand, in Powell’s case, Lazar accessed his personal email accounts and leaked his private life details. He also managed to compromise the email account of Clinton’s closest adviser Sidney Blumenthal. In fact, Lazar revealed that he was able to access the private email server of Clinton only because of his access to Blumenthal’s account.

“For me, it was easy … easy for me, for everybody,” said Guccifer

Lazar also hacked the AOL account of Hillary Clinton’s confidant Sidney Blumenthal in March 2013, and after exposing her emails it was revealed that Clinton communicated with Blumenthal through her private email Blumenthal has been named as “Victim 5” in the indictment and described as “a journalist and former presidential advisor.”

Lazar is at the moment imprisoned in Virginia after being extradited from his country of origin Romania. The accused informed about the email server compromising of Hillary Clinton to Fox News and NBC reporters. He has been informing everyone about the private email server of Clinton and even identified the email address, which was [email protected].

The claim from Lazar has some depth in it because we know that Hillary Clinton received immense criticism when in 2015 she revealed that while serving as the Secretary of State, she used her personal email server for official communications and that thousands of emails that were stored on that server were marked as confidential. 22 emails have been marked as top secret.

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However, the hacker hasn’t given any solid proof to strengthen his claim that he did hack Clinton’s personal email server. According to Brian Fallon, the press secretary of Hillary Clinton, “there is absolutely no basis to believe the claims made by this criminal from his prison cell. In addition to the fact that he offers no proof to support his claims, his descriptions of secretary Clinton’s server are inaccurate. It is unfathomable that he would have gained access to her emails and not leaked them the way he did to his other victims.”

No evidence of a security breach was so far detected by the FBI as well after conducting a thorough investigation. Yet Lazar has remained adamant that he did breach Clinton’s email server security and even went as far as to acknowledge that it was a “very easy” feat because her server was “completely unsecured.” He further admitted that he firstly traced the IP address of Clinton’s email server by accessing the emails that she sent to Blumenthal and then used an IP scanner and other web programs like Netscan, Angry IP, and Netmap, etc., to check if the server was still “alive.” He identified that 10 other users from different parts of the world were also accessing Clinton’s server when he did check it out.

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