‘Guy Removes Blackhead’ Post Delivers Malware to Facebook Users

The new post that is spreading like wildfire around Facebook claims that click the picture and see how a ‘guy removes his blackhead’ — Featured on the post is an image of the blackhead guy. This will actually deliver a malware.

What happens is, when you click on the picture, you will be asked to allow a malicious Facebook app to access your profile information.. You will be also asked to like a page. This process ensures that all your contacts on Facebook receive the same scam message like you have.

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Next step will be redirecting you to a “trending video” website, which supposedly hosts the video footage that has been promised in the post. However, instead of directly playing the video, a banner will appear explaining that a video plugin needs to be downloaded first to view the video.

Hidden in that video plugin is a malware program, which when downloaded will take full control of your browser and will display malicious ads along with changing the security settings of your computer. Moreover, the infected website will also try to acquire your personal information through fake online surveys, according to Hoax-Slayer.

So, if you receive such message on your Facebook then do NOT click at all no matter how tempted you may feel. In case you really want to see hapless people trying to remove blackheads then plenty of material is already available on YouTube, which is completely safe and won’t ask you to download malware or participate in dodgy surveys.

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