Hack any iOS Device within One Minute by a Modified Charger

iOS Processing Power

A team of security researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have found a way by which any iOS device can be hacked within a minute by the help of modified charger.

Researchers claim that despite Apple’s exemplary defence system, they were able to injected arbitrary software into one of its devices based on the latest and updated operating system (OS).

After successful hack, the researchers have issued a warning that ‘all iOS users are at high risk’ as it does not require any kind of user interaction or jailbroken device.

  • All iOS users are at high risk!

To ensure persistence of the resulting infection, it was revealed that a hacker can easily hide malicious software in the same way as Apple hides its own built-in applications.

During the presentation, it was explained that the team developed a charger called Mactans, using a BeagleBoard (a low-power open-source hardware single-board computer), fairly bigger then normal iPhone or iPad chargers, equivalent to the size of a credit card.

TheVerge reports that both hack and charger will be demonstrated at the Black Hat security conference in July. During a presentation of their findings, the researchers will detail how USB capabilities are able to bypass Apple’s defense mechanisms, and explain what Apple can do to make hacks like this one harder to pull off.


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