Hacker Selling Quarter Million State of Louisiana Drivers’ Licence Database

Brief: He calls himself “NSA” and he’s selling Driver’s Licence Database of a quarter million+ (290k+) people from the State of Louisiana, United States.

You have heard about personal data being leaked on the Internet but it’s not often someone comes along offering to sell a Driver’s Licence Database? Well, it’s happening on the Dark Net right now! A hacker going by the handle of “NSA” is selling Driver’s Licence Database of a quarter million+ (290k+) people from the State of Louisiana, United States.

The seller claims to have retrieved over a quarter million (290k+) driver’s licence records originating from organisations within Louisiana, United States. The records mainly detail crime, infractions etc associated with the individual such as speeding, theft, and murder.

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The record contains ages ranging from teenagers to senior citizens where the most common DOB year is 1983.
The database also contains details regarding the offences, first name, middle name, last name, date of birth, driving licence number, driving licence state, emails, addresses, city, state, zip code and phone numbers. That’s not all, the records also contain licence details of individuals outside the state of Louisiana; for instance travellers and tourists from Delaware and Texas.

In order to prove the legitimacy of the data, the seller is also displaying a sample record containing first and last name of a Louisiana-based resident, his date of birth, zip code, street and home address and the details about the speeding ticket of $204.50 which he received from the police.

The listing shows the seller, “NSA”, is asking for about BTC 21000000.0000 which is 12153960000.00 US Dollar, however, “NSA” is willing to sell the records at a price that agreeable to him and the buyer.

According to him:

“Disregard the price on this listing. Make me an offer that you and I can both agree to and I’ll create a private listing that you can use to purchase this database.”

If the data is legit it will be a huge shock for the state of Louisiana and of course, there will be big questions as to who did it and how? For now, the records are available on the Dark Net and there have been no words from the officials Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles as chances are they are not even aware of the leak.

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This is not the first time such sensitive records have made it to the Internet. Just a couple of months ago, a researcher found US voter registration records of 191 million US voters on the Internet without any security. The same researcher than found records of 93.4 million Mexican voters for anyone to access without any restriction on Amazon Web Servers.

HackRead is extremely grateful to Hacked-DB for letting us know about this advert on the Dark Net.

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