Gang of 12 arrested for Hacking Bank Computers in London’s Most Sophisticated Plan

Gang of 12 arrested for remotely taking over computers at London's Santander bankA group of twelve hackers have been arrested by the police for hacking into the computers of Santander bank branch in London after taking control of bank computers remotely.

The cyber criminals were arrested by Scotland Yard, when a plan to steal millions of pounds from the bank by controlling their computers remotely was foiled.

Hackers were planning to steal money from Spanish based Santander bank’s branch in Surrey Quays shopping centre, south-east London where Scotland Yard told media that this is the most sophisticated case of its kind.

The plan was highly sophisticated and well planned as one of the hacker faked his identity as bank’s maintenance engineer is said to have installed a keyboard video mouse device (KVM) on branch’s computer, allowing transmission of the entire desktop content of computer over the network.

Scotland Yard said that the men were arrested moments before executing final step of their plan, saving losses worth multimillion-pound.

The arrested cyber criminals are between the age of 23 to 50 from different cities of the UK.


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