Crooks Target Bank Customers with ‘Changes to Interest Rate’ Phishing Scam

An email is being circulated as part of a new phishing campaign. It boasts the subject line “Tesco Bank Changes to Interest Rate,” promising latest interest rate reports and changes. Users are required to open an attached document to view the latest changes in the Bank’s offered interest rates.

However, the news is fake and this is just another phishing scam campaign.

The real objective is to steal your account login details. The attached file when opened loads a fake webpage. This webpage displays a Tesco bank logo and asks the user to click on the login link for accessing the online banking services.


The user is then redirected to bogus websites designed as the genuine Tesco website. On the fake site user is requested to enter his username, password and security code.

The page follows real login procedure of Tesco Bank and displays this message once you enter login details:

“A text message has been sent on your designated cell phone number having your access code.” 

However, you won’t receive any such message simply because scammers do not have your cell number.

Therefore, you will instantly click on the “’Didn’t get our text message” tab, which will again open a new yet fake Tesco page. Now you will be asked to provide your name, contact info and account details along with security question and answer, according to Hoax Slayer.

After this, you will be redirected to the real Tesco Bank website.

During this process, scammers will manage to receive the submitted information and they will use it for hijacking your bank account and performing identity theft.

Thus, we warn you to never open any email that appears to be sent by your bank and asks for you login details by opening an attached document or clicking on a URL. This phishing tactic is really common nowadays. Simply ignore such an email and prevent yourself with unnecessary trouble.


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