Hackers delete Bykea database, company avoids data loss due to backups

Muneeb Maayr of Bykea confirmed that their services were affected.
Hackers delete Bykea database, company avoids data loss due to backups

Bykea confirmed the incidents but did not bow down to hackers, thanks to its data backup policy.

On Tuesday, early morning, unidentified hackers successfully infiltrated and deleted the entire database of a Karachi, Pakistan-based vehicle for hire and delivery company Bykea. The company remained unaffected because they already had backups in place to counter any such situation.

Bykea’s CEO, Muneeb Maayr, confirmed that their services were affected, claiming that the company wasn’t concerned because the attack was discovered timely and contained.  

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The management believes that the attacker wanted to exploit the server’s computational data to mine for cryptocurrencies. Or else, they tried to copy the data to either sell or use it for demanding ransom from Bykea. 

The good news is that their efforts went in vain since the company detected the attack, after which the hacker panicked and deleted the entire database mistakenly.


Maayr further added that the attack was nothing out of the ordinary since Bykea is a mobility-based tech firm. The company is still trying to restore data while its services were back online by Tuesday night.

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It is yet unclear who the hackers were and how they managed to access the company’s data. However, lately, cybercriminals have been scanning for vulnerable servers and taking over them to demand ransom and delete data if their demands are not met.

For example, the Maze ransomware group is known for demanding ransom after breaching its target. The group has leaked terabytes of data stolen from companies like Canon, LG Electronics, a US Nuclear contractor, Banco de Costa Rica, a US aerospace services provider, etc.

Nevertheless, the takeaway from this is that keeping backup of your data is key to success and saves you from embarrassment and customer backlash. If you have a business with an online presence make sure security and keeping backup of data are your top priorities.

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