Hackers hold unreleased Pirates of the Caribbean movie to ransom

The CEO of Disney Bob Iger has reportedly warned that hackers are holding the unreleased copy of “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie which is due to be released this summer by Disney franchise but the hackers are demanding a massive amount of ransom payment in Bitcoin and threatening to release the movie before time if their demands are not met.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Iger revealed the incident on Monday during a meeting with American Broadcasting Company employees in New York City. Although, Iger did not reveal the name of the movie being targeted by hackers, an anonymous source known to the situation told ABC that the targeted movie is the new “Pirates of the Caribbean” sequel.

While it is unclear how much ransom payment is being demanded, Iger stated that the hackers vowed to release the movie in parts if the ransom payment is not paid. Remember, Disney’s upcoming theatrical release includes movies like Cars 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. The rumors also hit that Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s workprint was pirated by cyber criminals but it turned out to be a hoax and no official statement came from the studio.


Just a couple of weeks ago a dark web hacker got their hands on yet-to-be-released season 5 of Orange is the New Black and demanded ransom from entertainment giant Netflix, however, the company refused to pay the ransom. Upon refusal, the hacker uploaded 10 episodes of the season on The Pirate Bay six weeks before the series’ official release on June 9.

The story is still developing and this article will be updated with further information. Stay tuned.

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