Hackers Leak Nude Photos of WWE Diva Maria Kanellis AGAIN

The latest WWE celebrity to have her privacy invaded is 35-year-old Mary Louis Kanellis who goes by her ring name of Maria Kanellis. The immensely popular Diva made her WWE debut in 2004 and made a comeback in June 2017, but now the bad news is that hackers have leaked personal and private photos of her online.

The photos which were uploaded on a celebrity website “CelebJihad” shows Maria in her private moments taking selfies with her iPhone in both dressed up and undressed condition. In some photos, she is lying down on the bed, and in some, she is in the toilet. To protect her privacy HackRead will not share her photos on our platform.


This is not the first time when hackers have leaked private and personal photos of Maria. In March 2017, the same hackers stole and leaked x-rated photos of hers. However, there was no response or official comment from Maria since she is 19 weeks pregnant and has better things to think about.

Other WWE celebrities who recently had their privacy invaded include Diva Paige and JoJo. The hackers stole x-rated photos and screenshots from WhatsApp conversations of Paige and ended up leaking them online.

When it comes to invasion of privacy, the year 2017 has been a bad year for WWE celebrities. Up to now, personal and private photos of WWE Divas including Melina, Kaitlyn, Charlotte Flair, and Victoria have already been leaked online. More details on both leaks are available here and here.


The hackers vow to leak more content on Paige and other WWE celebrities. It’s bad news for the WWE Universe since just three months ago an unprotected database belonging to WWE was exposed online containing data of over 3 million users including social media tracking data and posts from WWE fans and Superstars.


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