Hackers Posting Nude Pictures of Women without Their Knowledge

Nude pictures of more than 700 Aussie females leaked online without their permission or knowledge.

An individual hosting the cache in a cloud storage service leaked photographs of over 700 nude or scantily-clad women hailing from Brisbane and adjacent areas without the consent of their owners.

Multiple attempts were made by the hacker to retain the data online. The images were firstly published on a forum this Friday. Although the pictures were taken off but these appeared again by the evening.

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To ensure easy distribution, the hacker uploaded the cache to an undisclosed file sharing service that is based in New Zealand.

On Tuesday the police intervened into the matter to take the pictures offline for the second time but apparently the hacker is determined to sharing them. This means, the hacker wants to upload them on the Deep Web website, which has been designed for anonymity purposes.

The hacker supposedly taunted the authorities by stating “Come at me Aussie Police,” and declared that the picture will soon be uploaded at the anonymous network Deep Web, according to Brisbane Times.

The case isn’t being investigated by the Police because it needs at least one complaint lodged by any of the victims but none has done so yet.

Nonetheless, law enforcement agencies won’t be sitting idle and will take all legal steps to minimize the harm to the victims.

Identity of these cyber criminals is still unknown

According to Brian Hay, Fraud and Cyber Crime Group Detective, “The thing is, we don’t have a complaint and the focus has to be on harm minimisation to try and get these things down so people’s lives aren’t ruined.”

It is unclear how the hacker got access to these pictures, but what you can learn is to stay alert and stop sharing or posting nude images on yours with others.


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