Hackers Selling Terrorist Database on Dark Web, Claiming its ‘Proven Legit’

Hackers are selling Thomson Reuters World-Check terrorist database on Dark Net — They claim the database is proven legit!

In two separate listings, two hackers going by the handles of DataDirect and BestBuy are selling a database which they claim is actually the Thomson Reuters World-Check terrorist database containing details about activities of alleged terrorists. The database was leaked in June and discovered by security researcher Chris Vickery but now it’s available on the dark web for sale.

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Vickery discussed the database on Reddit back in June while an analysis from an IT security firm showed that there are 2,248,125 entries in the database including details about 181,060 financial crimes, 130,115 narcotic related crime and 76,890 terrorism-related details.

The database is available in the same marketplace which was previously used by hackers to sell US medical database records, the State of Lousiana driving licence records, login credentials of MySpace, Twitter and linkedIn users. At the moment the database is available for sale in Bitcoin 3.5000 (2345.00 US Dollar) and Bitcoin 10 (6706.00 US Dollar).

World-Check is a database leaked due to a security flaw in CouchDB server in June 2016 containing activity details of alleged terrorists compiled from different sources. The database was originally owned by Thomson Reuters Corporation who is also selling the database to several government and security agencies.

Here are two screenshots showing both listings:

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The databases are still available for sale and we have requested the Israeli data mining company Hacked-DB for their analysis. This article will be updated upon receiving analysis from them.

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