Hackers steal millions of customers’ data from Adidas US website

Hackers steal millions of customers' data from Adidas US website
October 2014 – BERLIN: the logo of the brand cloth bags “Adidas”,

Another day, another data breach – Adidas believes hackers did not steal customers’ credit card or health and fitness data. 

One of the world’s largest sportswear manufacturer Adidas has announced that hackers have targeted its US website and as a result, personal details of millions of Adidas US customers have been stolen.

According to Addidas, it is investigating the incident but limited details revealed by the company stated that on June 26th, “an unauthorized party” successfully breached its server and managed to steal usernames, contact details and encrypted passwords of “a few million consumers.”

Adidas believes that customers’ health and fitness or credit card related information was not compromised. 

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“Adidas is committed to the privacy and security of its consumers’ personal data. Adidas immediately began taking steps to determine the scope of the issue and to alert relevant consumers. Adidas is working with leading data security firms and law enforcement authorities to investigate the issue,” Adidas said in a statement.

James Lerud, head of the behavioral research team at Verodin commented on the breach and said that “It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. At this time, Adidas believes that no credit card or health information was compromised. This combined with the fact that the passwords are encrypted leads me to believe that Adidas is following best practices.”

“Businesses should take this as a warning that even if you follow best practices breaches can still happen. Security controls need to be continuously measured, evaluated, and updated to stay ahead; following a static best practice is no longer enough, ” Lerud added.

“For consumers, this should serve as a reminder that we live in an era where password management is fundamental to staying safe. The use of password managers needs to become commonplace until better solutions are worked out.”

If you have ever bought any product from Adidas US website, the company will get in touch with you. However, for your own safety, it is recommended that you should change your account password right now.

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