Hackers Target Pastebin.com with Powerful DDoS Attack

Pastebin.com faced heavy DDoS attacks which forced the platform to go offline.

Pastebin.com is a world renowned online platform where users can store plain text but it is often under cyber attacks from hackers and cyber criminals. On 30th January 2016 someone started carrying a series of powerful Distributed Denial-of-Service attack (DDoS) on Pastebin.com forcing the platform to go offline.

Pastebin.com used Twitter to announce why the website went down and what’s going on. In one of their tweets, Pastebin revealed that ‘‘Pastebin is under heavy DDOS attack. We are working on it.”

It is unclear who conducted the DDoS attack or what was the reason for doing so, however, the good news is that Pastebin is back online and no further details were given regarding the attack.

Last month researchers found backdoors relying on the Pastebin service while the same month Pastebin faced a DDoS attack and stayed offline for hours.

Pastebin allows users to anonymously post the data, the service is also used by Anonymous and other hacktivist groups. Anonymous uses Pastebin to upload data dumps and to post announcements of planned operations. The site also serves at an internet clipboard for programmers and many other users.

One can suggest someone may be targeting Anonymous or other hacktivists using the service to announce and promote their attacks and upcoming operation.

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