Hackers Target Users with ‘Yahoo Account Confirmation’ Phishing Email

Yahoo users receiving another Phishing Scam — The Yahoo Account Confirmation Email is fake!

A new email titled Yahoo Account Confirmation has surfaced on the internet which appears to have been sent from Yahoo. It says that the account you own has security issues and therefore, you need to click on the “Authentication Page” button for visiting the profile and resolve the issue.

The message also contains a warning that if you don’t complete the authentication procedure, your account will be blocked within 48 hours and you won’t be able to send or receive emails. Don’t worry, it’s just another Yahoo phishing email scam.

Here is a screenshot as an example: 


In reality, Yahoo is not responsible for sending this emails and it is a phishing scam. When you click on the button available in the email, a fake website will appear that has been designed in exactly the same way as Yahoo webpage to deceive you.

The fake Yahoo page will ask for your Yahoo ID and Password so that you can “log in” and after obtaining the information you will be taken to the real Yahoo webpage.

The purpose of getting you to enter your login information is pretty straightforward, the info will be used by hackers to hijack your Yahoo profile and use it for sending scam messages and spam emails from your side.

These kinds of scams are getting very common lately however, you need to be really cautious and never open any unsolicited email claiming that you need to rectify an account by opening an attachment or clicking on a URL and entering your login credentials.

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