Hannibal Hacker, Exposes Another 1 Million Facebook Member Login Credentials – Claims The List Belongs to Arab World

Hannibal Hacker, who is known for leaking over 30,000 Facebook & Email Accounts two weeks ago, has hit back with another hack of 1 Million Facebook Member Login Credentials that according to him belongs to Middle East and Arabs across the globe.

Hannibal Hacker has posted a huge list of download links for over 1 million facebook and email passwords, which is available on PasteBin.

According to the hacker:

Hello, this is known as a hacker Hannibal keeps the state of Israel.
I published until now hundreds of thousands of emails and Facebook accounts of Arabs .. Today I published another 100,00 accounts of Arabs.
I post this 100k accounts list because i want show the my huge strength. The Arabs should learn a lesson and know not to mess with me.
Jewish people named me as the general of Israel’s hackers.
I have about 30 million email accounts, 10 million bank accounts, 4 million cerdit cards of Arabs from all over the world
I received thousands of emails from Arabs who are begging me to stop publishing their bills and hurt them.
Because I noticed that lately the Arab hackers are gone, I declare cyber war termination.
Israeli hackers, stop! Cyber war stops until further notice I will post again if they attack the State of Israel.
If they appear again, I again come to save Israel. Trust me. I’ll always be around.
Thanks, Hannibal.

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Email contact : [email protected]

4 Parts of 100k Accounts Online :

Part 1 –
Part 2 –
Part 3 –
Part 4 -http://pastebin.com/vG75hjtx

Or you can download the complete 100k accounts list:

Download Links







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