HBO accidentally aires upcoming episode 6 of Game of Thrones

HBO accidentally aires upcoming Episode 6 of Game of Thrones; now it’s all over the Internet.

It looks like trouble finds the media giant Home Box Office (HBO) before anything else. While the network was hit by large scale hack attack reports are that HBO Spain had accidentally aired the episode 6 of Games of Thrones four days before it was supposed to broadcast.

The episode remained online for over an hour before it was taken down which was too late since it was ripped and uploaded on Reddit, YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram before it was taken down by the respective sites. This means the episode has already been downloaded countless times. has seen the footage and took a screenshot of it. It can be confirmed that the one hour broadcasted episode was a legit copy of Games of Thrones TV show. Here is a screenshot:

That’s not all; the Episode is now also available for download through Torrent which will be almost impossible for HBO to remove and get rid of. Here is a screenshot showing one of the scenes from unreleased episode 6 of season 7.

HBO accidentally aires upcoming Episode 6 of Game of Thrones ; Now it’s all over the Internet
Screenshot from the GOT’s season 7, episode 6 which is yet to be aired.

This screenshot has been taken from a website providing direct and Torrent links from where the episode can be downloaded. But we won’t share the link with you for obvious privacy reasons. 😆

HBO accidentally aires upcoming Episode 6 of Game of Thrones ; Now it’s all over the InternetThis, however, is not the first time when HBO has made such a blunder. In May 2016, the network accidentally uploaded GOT’s episode 5 from season 6.

It must be noted that HBO is going through tough times since hackers have stolen a trove of its data (1), demanded ransom (2) and leaked episodes (3) of several other popular and unreleased TV shows since July this year.

A couple of days ago, authorities in India arrested four people involved in uploading GOT’s episode 4 of season 7 before it was officially aired. For now, there hasn’t been any comment from HBO, and we feel sorry for the network for whatever is happening to it.

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