Re-Booted Hell Hacking Forum on Dark Web Hacks Car Breathalyzers Manufactures

It has now been proven that almost anyone and any company can get hacked including the firm that manufactures car breathalyzers.

A hacker dubbed as ROR reportedly hacked into LMG Holdings’ data and dumped some of its internal documents on Dark Web.

The hacker acts as the moderator of the newly re-booted Hell hacking forumAmong the documents that were hacked belonged to one of the companies LMG Holdings own, ”LifeSafer”. The company describes LifeSafer as “the nation’s leader in ignition interlock technology” on its website.

Ignition Interlock devices are basically breathalyzers that are created for vehicles and require the driver to blow into them prior to starting the car. Evidently, if the driver a too drunk, the vehicle won’t start.

GIF Source: DeadSpin

LifeSafer claims that more than seventy thousand devices have already been installed across 46 states in the US and further writes on its website that:

“The data received from all breath samples are sent to the department(s) (Court/DMV/Probation, etc) who ordered the device to be installed.”

The hacker posted on the Hell forum that within few days “LMG full data fucking ripped.” A link to the files also had a message that “pay up or get fucked.” This means the hacker contacted the company and asked for ransom.

The directory dates imply that a small section of data was uploaded on Dark Web on Jan 7th and two large data dumps occurred on Jan 9th.

It must be noted that the data is quite small in size, as it is just 150MB in size after compressing, according to MotherBoard.

However, the quality of data is quite superior as it contains spreadsheets, instruction manuals for product assembling and modification and most importantly LifeSafer and LMH Holdings’ detailed schematics of the source code of various products.

Moreover, various folders contain files that are seemingly proprietary source code for numerous devices.

A section of the dumped data was labeled as “FC100_Camera_Reference_Material,” and it includes bootloaders and device code. It is, however, yet unclear how ROR managed to obtain such crucial data.


The screenshots from leaked data will be uploaded soon.

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