High Commission of India in Dhaka website hacked and Confidential info leaked by Z Company Hacking Crew (ZHC)

Official website of Indian High Commission in Dhaka was hacked and confidential information was leaked by Z Company Hacking Crew yesterday, taking the cyber warfare to a new stage.  ZHC  hacked into the database of the website and leaked some confidential details including official Email ids with working passwords/hashes,  Telephone Numbers, passport, fax, admin passwords, addresses, trade license, Secrets & Hole Database.

For complete list of leaked credential visit http://pastie.org/3403757

According to Z Company Hacking Crew:

The High Commission of INDIA in Dhaka (Official Website) Hack3d by Z Company Hacking Crew (ZHC)
Site: www.hcidhaka.org

Site HaCked and Critical Data Leaked/dumped By Z Company Hacking Crew.

~~Telephone Number,passport,fax,admin passwd,adress,email,trade license,phone,Secrets & Hole Databse !!!~~

|1| |:| |I|n|t|r|o|d|u|c|t|i|o|n| This new zine contains details, business and personal information about the Registered citizens of Indian Nationality. Here are the details of the users been registered with embassy of india to Dhaka.

ZCompany Hacking Crew and all fellow members http://www.facebook.com/groups/zhcnews/



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