Researcher Claims Hospital Drug Pumps Can Be Hacked

It is Possible to Remotely Hack Famous drug pumps to administer fatal dose- Claims Researcher.

Billy Rios claims that various models of famous drug infusion pumps possess inherent vulnerabilities from Hospira, the manufacturer.

These vulnerabilities may allow a hacker to remotely administer a fatal dose of the medication to a patient.

Security researcher Billy Rios has identified some weaknesses in the Illinois-based firm Hospira’s standard PCA LifeCare pumps, its Symbiq range of pumps (which got discontinued in 2013) and its Plum A+ pumps.

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Image Source: Wired

Around 400,000+ intravenous drug pumps from Hospira are installed at hospitals all over the world.

Rios states that he personally tested the abovementioned pumps in order to confirm the presence of vulnerabilities. He suspects that the Plum A+3, Sapphire and SapphirePlus models from Hospira may also be having the vulnerabilities.

Rios went public about a separate vulnerability earlier this year. That particular defect allowed anyone and everyone to raise the dosages upper and lower limits on some Hospira pumps simply by changing their drug libraries.

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