How bluetooth technology is changing the electric smokers industry

In an age where most of us live in apartments…

In an age where most of us live in apartments that don’t have a backyard or a balcony, grilling meat at home can be an issue. Most smokers need good ventilation for operation and avoiding serious health issues, but electric smokers have been a boon for those living in small condos.

They can safely be used indoors, and one has control over the heating mechanism. Now, Bluetooth technology is taking an already innovative machine to new heights. In many ways, electric smokers work like ovens. One can simply set their meat for smoking and relax as the smoker gets the job done.

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But with Bluetooth, this convenience is far multiplied, and its utility is especially realized in parties or big social gatherings. In this article, we discuss electric smokers and the ways in which it makes smoking meat more convenient. Then, we explore how Bluetooth technology has further changed smoking and cooking meat for the better. 


A smoker is a cooking appliance used to help meat absorb smoke. This has several secondary advantages, such as improving the color of the meat and helping preserve it for longer. But the primary reason people smoke meat is due to the flavor it adds to the meat. 

It is hard to describe how exactly smoke transforms the taste of meat, but if you’ve ever tasted it, you know exactly what we’re talking about. This flavor is even called a fifth category in itself, besides salty, sweet, sour, and bitter, and is reminiscent of what monosodium glutamate tastes like. 

Electric Smokers

A good smoker must maintain low levels of heat, while producing enough smoke in a way that concentrates its flow around the meat. The hallmark of well barbecued is what is called a ‘smoke ring’, a pink layer around 8-10 millimeters that forms on the outermost region of the meat, which can be seen when cutting in half and viewed sideways. The ring itself doesn’t add any flavor, but the sight of deliciously pink meat is perhaps one of the most visually stimulating sights to see before a meal. 

The Taste of Meat in an Electric Smoker vs Normal Smoker 

Electric smokers, despite not requiring the hassles of a traditional barbecue, can help achieve the same flavor and richness as an outdoor grill. All while conducting the process indoors in the comfort of your home. However, some electric smokers do need to be used outdoors only, so make sure yours isn’t one of them before purchasing one. 

In an electric smoker, the source of heat is often a metal rod, instead of a wood set on fire or charcoal. This minimizes the oxygen flow in the smoker and affects its consequent interaction with the wood in minor but significant ways. It is also why smoke rings can be rare in meat prepared using such smokers. This does not mean that the prepared meat is of inferior quality, however, and can taste just as good as one that was made over a rack. 

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You can also get a pellet smoker, which is fairly similar, but works on pellets instead of electricity. Some even claim that the former cooks better meat than the latter. This might have something to do with the fact that, with some experience, one can, in fact, achieve smoke rings with pellet smokers. 

The Convenience of Bluetooth Enabled Electric Smokers 

Electric smokers let you manually turn the heating on and off, monitor the time it has been since the meat started smoking, and also keep track of the internal temperature of the meat. But with the new Bluetooth enabled electric smokers, you can do all of this from any corner of your home. 

Nobody wants a charred, bitterly barbecued piece of meat, and this can be a big problem when you’re smoking large quantities of meat for a party full of hungry guests. With several priorities to look after in such cases, having Bluetooth can save you from many a disaster, and prevent any mishaps regarding preparation. 

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Electric smokers are expensive, and there is a big market full of various diverse options with unique features. These machines can cost several hundreds of dollars even without Bluetooth technology. In some ways, the Bluetooth is a luxury that is mostly only useful if you regularly smoke meat, or have frequent gatherings at your home. Buying an electric smoker in itself is a massive convenience over traditional smokers, and in many cases, one does not need to splash the extra cash. Making a choice based on your lifestyle is the best way to go before making a big purchase, and electric smokers are can be one of the most expensive appliances in your arsenal.


Smoked meat tastes like nothing else on this planet. The tender meat, combined with the bright pink color and bitter-sweet taste makes for a satisfying meal each time. But the process of smoking meat can be a hassle, especially if you don’t have an outdoor space for it. With electric smokers, you can achieve the same flavor of smoked meat with the conveniences of monitoring the exact heat settings needed to cook your meals to perfection. With Bluetooth, this utility has been taken one step further by not only letting you control these factors, but also to do it from anywhere in your home.

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