How Can SEO Help Increase Website Security?

Though many think that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and website security do not go hand in hand, they are a lot closer than many think.
How Can SEO Help Increase Website Security?

Though many think that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and security do not go hand in hand, they are a lot closer than many think. Whether this is the effect of website security on an existing SEO campaign or the campaign helping to improve the overall security of the website, there are a number of ways that one can affect the success of the other. In this article, we will be looking into how an SEO campaign can help to increase the security of your website. 

Moderate The Content Spam On Your Site

If you have a series of content pieces on your site that are user-generated, then SEO and Onsite security could become compromised through links being spammed within the content. By regulating the content that is created as well as monitoring the platform closely, you can then reduce any potential security risk that could arise due to this user-generated contented. Though this new system will not completely eliminate the risk of links being spammed, it will help to regulate content and boost the SEO ranking of the site. 

Regularly Scan For Malware 

As part of the SEO strategy, it may be beneficial to scan for malware regularly, particularly if you feel your website may be at risk of a potential hack or some form of malware. In addition to this, implementing a firewall and regular background checks on your site as part of an SEO UK campaign, you can then begin to make sure your website is functioning efficiently and begin to optimize its ranking position.

Though this will take time to implement, this can then ensure that SEO, as well as website security, are prioritized.

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Purchase An SSL

Another element of website security that can also influence Google SERP ranking is an SSL. Through purchasing a public key certificate, you are showing users of your website that it is secure. This can help aid an SEO campaign as more people are likely to use the site if it features an HTTPS certificate.

This can be applied for through Google and will help your website to grow as users will have more confidence in the website. This is important from an SEO perspective as Google could then begin ranking your site significantly higher in Google SERP Results. 

Misconfigured Tor sites using SSL certificates exposing public IP addresses

Monitor Abnormalities 

In addition to this, a successful SEO campaign will also have tools such as SEMrush and Google Analytics to help aid in the reporting of a websites current position. This is beneficial from a security perspective as you can then begin to monitor for any abnormalities and locate any potential problems.

Though this has the potential to be a time-consuming process, this can ensure that all problems are dealt with quickly to avoid any breaches or any additional issues with a website. This is also beneficial from an SEO perspective as all issues can be resolved before they begin to affect overall ranking.  

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Regardless of whether you are running a start-up business, or you are looking to alter an existing campaign, there are a number of ways that you can up your SEO efforts all whilst focusing on website security.

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