How Much Can CCIE Enterprise Certified Professional Make?

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) is an expert level certification offered by Cisco and in the job market, it holds a high demand as it doesn’t only cover the traditional technologies, but also includes numerous evolving topics such as Network Automation and Programmability, Software Designed Networking such as Software-Defined WAN and Software-Defined Access, Cloud Networking and so on.

But passing the exam to get the certification and CCIE number should not be the only thing to look for. The actual goal should be gaining experience and learning as much as possible in Enterprise Networking. With Cisco’s increasing investment in cyber security and cloud networking, CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification has already become one of the next big things.

Salary of a CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Professional?

Now, the question is how much one can earn monthly if they pass the Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure practical/lab exam? The answer involves several factors and criteria.

Before talking about dependencies, you should know some facts about the CCIE certifications. Unlike Cisco’s CCDE certification, Cisco CCIE Certification is known by the recruiters quite well as it has been posted as one of the job requirements for decades.

Currently, there are thousands of CCIE professionals, especially Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching, the new name CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certificate is around 45000+ people.

CCIE Enterprise Certified Salary Depends on These Criteria

  • Country
  • Position
  • Years of experience
  • Whether you work for the same company after having the certificate

When it comes to salary, the country you live in is the most important factor because even if you are CCIE and a technical person (not as a manager or C level) if you work in an undeveloped or developing country, you may not be able to earn more than $2500 on average depending on the company that hires you. However, Cisco itself in a developing country still pays way better than other companies.

If you work in GCC (Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, etc.) you can get around $8,000 to -$15,000 per month. If you are living in Africa, even if you get a CCIE Enterprise cert, you won’t get more than $5000 as a technical person. (Of course, there are many countries in Africa, but according to Business Insider Africa, on average, salaries of almost all African countries are roughly the same).

Your job position is also very important because as a technical person, you can get probably $2500 in Turkey but as a manager in an IT company let’s say, it can be around $6000. This would be $50000- $20000 in GCC countries

At the engineering level, CCIE salary would be around $6000 to $12000 in Canada, the United States, Australia, Singapore, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

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