How to choose secure software for your business

In this article, we will discover why your software can be harmful, what sort of danger you can expect of it, and….
How to choose secure software for your business

Technologies have grabbed the leadership surrounding us with an enormous amount of information. Some services gather everything in one place and for any taste. Look around at how many people are there dreaming about a new computer, a tablet or a smartphone to consume the content and produce value for others.

Among all possible reasons for it, both businesspersons and employees want their hardware to boost up career prospects and work faster, better, almost effortlessly. There is nothing wrong with it except for one little thing. Quite often we forget that devices are just a tool – a sleeping machine that does not produce any rate on its own, in particular for software outsourcing.

This is highly relevant for someone who wants to find out how to manage a remote team and keep different locations organized as if you are in the same building. The key lies in the software you use because in some cases using certain types of software can be rather harmful and dangerous for a business, especially when they are taken from the unknown source.

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In this article, we will discover why your software can be harmful, what sort of danger you can expect of it, and how to deal with the issues that have already emerged because of using dangerous software.

How to Choose the Best Software and Feel Secured

Do not get it wrong – the equipment you use, in our case hardware, is important as well, but only in combination with up-to-date programs. Imagine it as a boat and oars, a car and gas, a bicycle and pedals. Firstly, you have to choose an appropriate operating system to make a confident statement on the software outsourcing market. There are two most popular choices: Windows and Mac OS. Both sides have advantages and disadvantages for now, but in a few years, companies are most likely to kill all bugs to make your life better.

The main reason why outsourcing software development appreciates up-to-date software is its security. So, try to opt for the best and the safest apps for your business to make the software outsourcing operation easier.

1. The Best Software is Chosen by Steps

There are some tips on how to choose and deal with the best software for your business. Keep in mind that if you follow these steps, your apps will be quite safe and secure for keeping your company’s inside information private. So, consider following these points and stages:

  • Make a focus on your business, so choose apps when you do need them, and only from reliable providers;
  • Make a thorough analysis of your needs and identify your pain points you need some software for;
  • Do some research identifying which tools are the most suitable ones for your team, company’s goals, objectives, and workflows; read reviews and feedbacks instead of settling on the first you have come across;
  • Do not save minor costs if you need this type of software;
  • Ask for help from the company that has provided you with the software when getting started considering the security points first;
  • Customize the software for your needs to fit the way you operate and don’t worry about any defaults;
  • Integrate the new software connecting the new app to everything your company is already using;
  • Make sure everyone in your team knows how to use the new software in terms of security.

2. Security of Data Is Essential

Choosing your software from the recognized and reputable provider can help you make your business safer with this app instead of harming it. However, to ensure a more secure cyber environment, you can follow the following steps:

  • Secure your server from unlimited points of entry;
  • Scan email for potential dangers, harmful links, and viruses;
  • Protect all the data with passwords;
  • Install reliable anti-virus software;
  • Start working with a reputable security company.

Dangerous – Do Not Click!

Benefits and risks of IT outsourcing are like an endless thread, where you can find debatable options. Everyone has their advantages – mostly they are freedom, improvement, demanding challenges with astonishing rewards. On the other hand, disadvantages are almost comparable to every case, especially when speaking about software.

The whole world cannot stop arguing about devices spying on you. Mostly, this relates to our smartphones, though computers do not lag as well. If you install non-licensed software from the darknet or a remote development team works with “free” programs, all laptops are left open for strangers around the globe. This is unaccepted for any commerce, because all documentation, projects, ideas can easily flow into malcontent’s hands.

No matter how cautious you may be while choosing the software for your business, you can encounter some malware that can get into your operating systems without your permission, and give hackers a chance to see the important data or influence your devices.

Malicious software is an immense threat to small businesses. Its harmful effect is not limited to online operations. It can as well get into your debit card readers, ATMs, a POS system, etc. 

There is some type of malware known as ransomware that can lock or delete files. You will have to pay a ransom to get back the information. Moreover, your data can fall into the wrong hands. The latter can lead to reputational damage, loss of clients, operational downtime, and fines.

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Apart from ransomware, you can also encounter the following malware:

  • Keylogger. It tracks your keystrokes to save them in some hidden file, and in a while, these files are sent to hackers immediately.
  • Bots. They operate as automated computer programs and are controlled by some outside sources. They are used to gather information through web-based programs.
  • Rootkit. It helps to access or control the computer remotely. This way, cybercriminals can steal information, alter the software, modify configurations, and execute files.
  • Spyware. It spies on the user’s activity. Its capabilities range from modifying settings to interfering with online connections.
  • Trojans. They can disguise themselves to be a trusted software program and attack later.

To avoid all these issues, instruct your team not to open suspicious files and emails, and always inform security workers when they have seen something strange on their computers. Nevertheless, corporations are constantly improving their services so you and your dedicated team could enjoy safe and fast access to the internet without limitations.

Some of the most difficult questions to solve is how to organize an offshore software development office and keep an eye on inner processes. Fortunately, many popular platforms help you to manage any case of business services. Whether your occupation deals with software development, operation or optimization processes, governmental institutes, you always have a good choice.

You can search for PaaS (Platform as a Service) or SaaS (Software as a Service) lists and find hundreds of articles with pros and cons of the most popular providers. As for outsourcing trends, executives choose Oracle Cloud Platform (OCP), Microsoft Azure, ServiceNow, IBM, SAP, etc.

What to Do if You Have Already Suffered from a Dangerous Software

Firstly, calm down remembering that if you backed up your files, everything will be OK. Then follow these important steps:

  1. Disconnect the device from the network (most likely a virus came from there, tracked your data and transferred it back to the Internet). Remember not to try to fix everything on your own, find a specialist who can prevent the malware to swallow all the information or infect other laptops. 
  2. Scan your device. Use the reliable antivirus software for this. The problem can be solved using modern anti-malware software or in difficult cases, through OS reinstallation. 
  3. Create a cloud backup copy. The wonderful plus of Paas and SaaS platforms is that everything is cloud-based, and can be easily recovered without data loss or serious issues.
  4. Reinstall your operating system. Some attacks can be rather severe and sophisticated, and they can hide deep within your computer, so the only way to be on the safe side is to get rid of the whole possibility of threats.

In conclusion, it is worth saying that since the time of typewriters has passed away, using reliable hardware and software is a must. So choose it wisely in order not to get into a trap during IT project outsourcing. Be aware of the possible threats and their outcomes to keep your business secure and protected.

By using the tips and techniques described in this article, you will enjoy well-organized and optimized processes. Remember that powerful chipset hardware, GPU or 32 GB RAM allows you to work fast and stay effective, but licensed and reliable software free your hands and allow diving into the development of your product and services.

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