How to Choose the Most Secure Software for your Business

How to Choose the Most Secure Software for your Business

When it comes to protecting your business, how do you choose the best available and secure software on the market? Security software is a key component in ensuring your business is protected from hacking, viruses, risky emails and many other scams. There are plenty of options available; from basic packages that are free of charge, to those which are top-end and offer supreme cover, but it all boils down to what sort of protection you are looking for.

It is worth noting that all security software provide different benefits. Therefore research may be needed to investigate the most suitable type for your business.

Here are a few key points to consider:

What needs protecting?

This is a key factor in the decision, dependent on the number of laptops, computers or mobile devices you plan on securing. Consider the type of software you require at the current time and in the near future; especially if you plan on expanding your business.

If you are small-scale for instance but looking to expand vastly in the next 12 months, you need to weigh up any costs and consider the type and amount of security needed to ensure you’re well protected. One popular example would be The Cloud which is considered a much more cost-effective option than most other security systems. The Cloud offers back-up and disaster recovery, should you lose those all-important files in the event of hacking.

Is Your Workforce Remote?

It is often the case where many businesses are now allowing employees to work remotely on selected days, in which they are able to access files and data from anywhere at any time of day via mobile devices or computers. Business owners will, therefore, hand out login details for the employee to access their tasks; however, this doesn’t come without severe concerns.

One of the key elements to consider is to ensure that access to data from remote locations is completely secure. For engineering companies who need to send files and collaborate on projects, for example, Altium offers an incredible PCB design tool in which team members can share creative pieces easily with one other a 24-hour basis from any location. This particular software is updated automatically as a form of protection maintenance, to guarantee all data is secured.

As a general method of protection, it would be worth investing in some form of Network Access Control, as well as aiming to secure data stored on mobile devices. As a method of data protection, it would be worth investing in geo-location technology. If a device happens to get lost, it can be easily tracked, and stored information can be wiped from the device.

Do you browse through many external websites?

If your business browses through external websites on a frequent basis, it may be time to invest in browser software that protects all devices, should a dodgy site be clicked on. Dangerous websites can often contain suspicious malware that works its way through your device without any realization.

If you happen to notice any suspicious links or emails, refrain from clicking onto them. ISP recommends you download an add-on browser to ensure you’re alerted instantly of a malicious webpage so protective measures can be taken.

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