How to Create and Manage Groups on iPhone

You’re sitting with your iPhone in hand, gazing at the screen with annoyance, fury, and helplessness. You need to send an email to multiple people, but this fancy gadget seems to fall short – you can’t create groups on the iPhone.

You sigh, wondering what’s the point of having such a fancy phone if it can’t help you. But hold on! Before you toss your phone in frustration, listen to some good news. We have a solution for you! This article will guide you on how to create groups on your iPhone.

While the iPhone itself doesn’t have a built-in feature to create groups, you can use iCloud or third-party apps to achieve the same result. Once you create a group in your Contacts, managing your contacts becomes much easier. Not only does it help you organize scattered contacts, but it also allows you to send emails to multiple people in the group with just a few taps. No more scrolling through a long list to find the right contacts!

And that’s not all! Even with the ‘Do Not Disturb‘ mode on, people in the group can still reach out to you in case of emergencies. Exciting, right? So, if you’re eager to create and manage your very first group on your iPhone, let’s dive into the steps below.

How to Make a Group

Follow the steps below to create a group and reap the benefits of this feature:

1 First Create a Group on

When you create an account, it is generally added to an All Contacts group in alphabetical order. However, you can send a message or email to a specific group of people.

  • To create a special group in, click the plus sign + in the sidebar.
  • Now a group will be created with an option to name it.

2 Type a Name

Type the group’s name in the text field, and then click “Enter”.

  • To change the Group’s name, double-click, and you can also change the name. 

3 Add Contacts to Form a Group

Once you have made a group, adding a name to that group is a simple process.

  • Drag the names from the All Contacts Group and add them to the newly created blog.
  • You can put names in as many groups as you want through a simple drag-and-drop process. 

4 The process to Remove a Contact

Contact can be easily deleted through a simple process. No rocket science is required.

  • Just select the contact and delete it from the group. Simple! 

5 Delete a Group

Deleting a group is also a simple method, not a brainy formula.

  • In Contacts, select the Group you want to delete and press the Delete Key. The special contact group will be gone.

6 Restoring Accidentally Deleted Contacts

If you accidentally delete a contact, it is easier to recover it. There are two ways:

  • You can again drag and drop the contact from the main All Contacts group. 
  • In case the whole group gets deleted, you can restore the archived store.

Important Points to Remember

Making a group on iPhone is easier, and you can enjoy various benefits of this functionality. However, there are some important points to remember:

  1. You can use a laptop or tablet to access
  2. Once you remove a name from the group, it remains in the main Contacts group.
  3. Similarly, removing the whole group doesn’t impact the contacts in the main group.
  4. You can make as many groups as possible. 
  5. It is possible to place the same name in different groups at a time.
  6. has the capacity to accommodate a large group of special groups, so it is best suited for businesses and people who deal with multiple individuals.

How to Access the Group?

Now, you know how to create and manage groups on an iPhone. Next, you might be wondering how to access the group. Don’t worry, this blog will shed light on that as well.

Follow these steps to access the group:

  1. First, open the Contacts app.
  2. Second, look at the upper-left corner and tap ‘Groups.’
  3. Once the Groups tab opens, it will show all the Groups you have created. 
  4. Type the name of the group you want to open.
  5. It will reach you to the required group.

How to Manage Contacts in Groups?

After creating Groups on the iPhone, it is easier to manage contacts in a group. You can manage alphabetically, either by the first name’s alphabet or the second name’s alphabet.

Here are steps to choose the alphabet:

  1. First, go to Settings. 
  2. Now, select ‘Contacts.’
  3. You will have two options: sort order or display order. 
  4. Sort Order: Sort alphabets by first or last name.
  5. Display Order: sort the first name either before or after the last name

It makes managing and searching alphabets easier for the owner.

The Contact Groups feature on an iPhone provides an efficient and convenient way to manage and communicate with multiple contacts simultaneously, saving time and improving organization.

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