Here’s How To Disable WhatsApp’s Double Blue Ticks.

WhatsApp has made its new option ”blue ticks” an indication that a WhatsApp message has been read.

The feature, introduced just a couple of days ago, has been quite unpopular among its users for lack of privacy and to keep the nagging out.

The option is available default; however, if the users wish they can go to Settings > Privacy > and disable the ”Read Receipts” option.

And for those WhatsApp users who have downloaded the latest version directly from the site, the users can turn off the message read receipts. Please note that for now this option is only available for Android phones.


This is similar to the ”Last seen” option available with WhatsApp. However, what must be kept in mind is that once the feature is turned off both the parties involved will not able to get the read receipts of their messages, neither the sender nor the receiver. That is, privacy is guaranteed to both.

Blue Ticks feature was convenient to some, while for many users, it was unnecessary privacy intrusion especially when one did not want to get into a conversation, although he/she has read the message.

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