Learn How to Enable Encryption on Facebook Messenger

Do you know How to turn on encryption on Facebook messenger? Well, look no further and follow the steps mentioned in this article.

Back in July, Facebook promised us all that the social network will soon be offering end-to-end message encryption. Now, the organization has lived up to our expectations and is now offering end-to-end message encryption

According to a Facebook representative, this “Secret Conversation” feature can now be enjoyed by all 900 million users of the social network. But the problem is that this feature is not automatically available but has to be turned on for each conversation.

In order to enable it, here is what you need to do before starting a new conversation.

➢ Click on the New Conversation icon

➢ Click on Secret (the option is available on the top right side)

➢ Start messaging after selecting the recipient from the list

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This process is for starting a new conversation only. But what if you want to enable encryption during an ongoing conversation? In that case, this is what you need to do:

➢ Keep the message thread open

➢ Click the name that appears at the top of the message screen

➢ Click on Secret Conversation

But the Secret Conversation option is only available with the latest version of Facebook Messenger. If you have downloaded the updated version but the recipient has not then the encryption feature won’t work. You have got to update the app to avail the Secret Conversation facility. Moreover, you cannot send GIFs and video files while the Secret Conversation feature is turned on, however, you can share stickers and images.

Also, please note that this feature can be used from the device on which you enabled it. For instance, if you enabled it on your mobile phone then you can send and receive encrypted messages only through that device.

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