How to make a multi URL QR Code – Here are best use cases for your business

Remember QR Codes?
How to make a Multi URL QR Code – Here Are Best Use Cases for Your Business

Remember QR Codes? QR codes had dominated the retail market as long as we can remember. They’ve been on retail products since forever. From pricing to ingredients to recipe to branding information, they help retail marketers get the right information to the right audience without occupying much space on the product packaging. But during the past few years, QR codes have evolved much than just an information-sharing medium – a bulky set of black-and-white squares.

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You don’t have to remember 2011 anymore when we talk about placing QR codes to marketize products. Today, QR codes have become one of the most used yet highly successful marketing tactics. Millions of Chinese use QR codes in retail, law, finance, education, manufacturing, and any other industry you can think of. And guess what? They’re successful in engaging the potential audience – turning them into customers over time.

How to make a Multi URL QR Code – Here Are Best Use Cases for Your Business

Unlike those traditional QR codes with black and white squares, a QR code generator with a logo lets you customize these codes per your brand theme, product type, size, and medium. You can change colors, eyes, size, pattern, and even add a logo to make it look relevant and appealing to the targeted audience. Sounds fair enough?

Almost all QR code generators with logo let you create 2 types of QR codes i.e. dynamic and static. If you’re concerned about their usage, here’s the difference.

  • Static QR Code: Information saved behind a static QR code cannot be changed and the user can only be redirected to the specified URL.  
  • Dynamic QR Code: Unlike static QR codes, you can change the address saved behind a dynamic QR code. Moreover, a dynamic QR code generator with logo lets you keep track of a total number of scans, time/date of the scan, device type, and location to devise an effective marketing campaign per your audience base. You can also embed multiple URLs in a single QR Code – called multi-URL QR codes.

Multi-URL QR Codes

Now that you’re aware of how modern QR codes work, let’s see how a Multi-URL QR Code can benefit your business. A Multi-URL QR Code comprises more than one URL and redirects users based on certain conditions i.e. time, date, location, device type, etc. In simple words, a multi-URL QR code redirects the user based on their location, smartphone operating system, and time/date of the scan. They are often used to marketize multiple products, websites, landing pages, and offers to different types of audiences – it can also be referred to as regionally based marketing campaigns.

Multi URL QR Codes work best when you want to share different content based on geographical areas. When a user scans a code, he’ll be redirected to the specified URL based on the smartphone’s IP address.

Key Features of Multi URL QR Codes

Though Multi-URL QR Codes comprise all features of a dynamic QR code, some of its key features are as follows:

Time-Based Redirection

Time-based redirection is often used to promote limited-time offers. For instance, if you own a restaurant and have midnight deals, you can use the same QR code you used for the lunch deal. In simple words, users will be redirected to a certain URL based on the current time.  

Location-Based Redirection

Similarly, location-based redirection is used to target audiences in different areas using the same QR code. This code works best to redirect users on different landing pages in several languages. Thus, you can target different types of audiences worldwide using a single QR code.

Note that time and location-based redirection, when used together, can serve as a great marketing technique fulfilling regional requirements.

OS Based Redirection

OS-based redirection redirects the user to a particular webpage or app store based on the device’s operating system. Tired of creating separate QR codes for Android, iOS, and Windows users? Well, all this can be done using a single multi-URL QR Code.

Custom Design

All these features are useless if half the people aren’t even noticing your QR code. Some QR Code customization is needed. Almost all dynamic QR Code generators let you customize codes per your product type and brand theme. Therefore, make sure to use relevant colors, eyes, pattern, and must add a logo or picture in the QR code for people to notice – motivating users to scan code for the better good.

Real-Time Stats

Is your QR Code getting any leads? Should you change your QR Code design? To measure the success score, multi-URL QR codes give you complete access to relevant data i.e. a total number of scans, time/date of the scan, OS, location, etc.

Use Cases

Multi-URL QR Codes sound like a big deal, right? If you’re looking forward to using them in your business, here are some use cases:

  • Multilingual Audience

If you own an online store, agency, or international business, you’re probably dealing with people following different cultures, languages, and traditions. You wouldn’t want to redirect your Chinese audience on landing page optimized for US citizens, right? This is where Multi-URL QR Codes shine. Create separate landing pages for different types of audiences and marketize your services/product using a single QR Code.

  • Different Operating Systems

Instead of creating two QR codes for Android and iOS users, it is recommended to use Multi-URL QR Codes and redirect them separately to their perspective app stores. Sounds good?

  • Changes URLs After Certain Number of Scans

Let’s say if the same user has scanned the QR code for more than 3 times. Why is that? Well, it is probably because he isn’t getting the information he needs. In such conditions, you can program a multi-URL QR code to change URL after x number of scans from the same user.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, QR Codes have become a must-have to marketize your products/services among your targeted audience. But with the help of multi-URL QR Codes, you can boost your QR Code marketing to a whole new level. Make use of the aforementioned use cases and you’ll definitely notice a rise in your regular leads. QRzebra is the best QR code generator to make a multi URL QR code as they have the most advanced features.

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