Hundreds of Israeli email addresses and passwords leaked by Arab Anonymous Hackers

The Arab  Anonymous group has published a list of over 1300 Israeli emails and password that were hacked 2 days ago by the same  Arab faction of Anonymous.

The Arab Anonymous on Sunday posted the leak on their website and on their facebook page, where most of the emails are still active. Although it is unclear from where the hackers got the emails or which website was hacked to gain the list of passwords.

Avnet Security Systems has studied the data leak, made of email addresses and clear text passwords, and confirmed that many of the accounts are active. However, it’s uncertain what website they have been stolen from.

The manager of the cyber-attack department at avnet, Roni Bachar said that There was apparently penetration of an Israeli site which cannot be determined at this stage, a site that requires identification by email address and a password, as is usual at forum, content and commercial sites. Since the attack revealed only a small number of addresses, about 300, and passwords were determined through estimates and guesses of the brute force type.”

According to an Israeli website, ”many of the accounts are linked to Facebook and others report that there are already signs of misuse”.

Looks like the Arab-Israeli cyber was is on again.

At the beginning  of 2012 around million Israeli credit cards and leaked the details online  by Ox Omar and in reply Hannibal Hacker from Israel leaked credit card details of users from Saudi Arabia.

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