Here’s Your Chance to Use IBM’s Remotely Accessible Quantum Computer

Quantum Computing- No More a Thing of Distant Future — IBM wants us all to use it remotely accessible Quantum Computer… for free!

Researchers have been working to decode quantum computing for probably decades and it is time now to reap the fruits of the sowed seeds, that is, now we can expect to make use of Quantum Computing.


IBM has successfully created a working prototype of a five-qubit quantum computer and the best and most appreciation worthy part is that it has been uploaded online. This means it can be accessed by anyone on the internet. The computer currently is being operated from a lab in New York but it can be accessed remotely through special software. Yes, it is true! You actually can try your hands on a quantum computer.

IBM Makes Quantum Computing Available on IBM Cloud to Accelerate Innovation

The interface is quite user-friendly however, you will need to brush up your skills in this technology prior to using a quantum device like this because understandably it is the mother of all technologies and hence, it is too complex for us to use it without appropriate know-how about how quantum devices work.

It is true that previously we have seen quantum computer simulators on the web but this is the very first time that a hardware that is quite expensive and superior above all devices has been allowed to be used by the public so openly.

Explore the 360 Video of IBM’s Research Quantum Lab

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Even if it is IBM’s tactic to enhance its popularity then we must applaud the strategy because it has worked. But there is another reason behind allowing the public to use this device, which is that the company wants us to identify any underlying flaws or shortcomings in the computer so that they could improve it further. It should be kept in mind that currently the quantum devices can only utilize a few qubits but the D-Wave computer can handle hundreds of qubits.

There is a sharp difference between quantum computers and regular computers. Quantum devices are extremely fast because these devices utilize a quirk in quantum mechanics. On the other hand, other computers use bits in the form of 0 and 1, while quantum uses qubits, which may be 0 or 1 or something in between. This means, in quantum computing a single bit can hold two values simultaneously or two bits may hold four values at the same time. This is how quantum devices process data in lightning speed.

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