IBN TV & 150 Websites Hacked by Pak Cyber Eaglez


A Pakistani based Pak Cyber Eaglez group has hacked a 150+ UK based websites including the website of an online Christian entertainment channel broadcast from the UK.

The hackers contacted me via email explained that it was a collective attack, the reason for attacking UK based sites was to show them the power of Pakistan and its hackers.

All sites were left with group’s deface page along with a deface message on all the hacked websites, according to the message:

Pak Cyber Eaglez Arrived, We Are Pakistani’s You Know Who Are Pakistani’s? Lets Introduce Our Self…
We Are That Nation Who Is Not Afraid Of Bombs Who Is Not Afraid Of Death Who Is Not Afraid Of Drone Attacks, We Are That Nation Who Defeated India Many Times In Wars, We Are That Nation Who Faced The Most Dangerous Earth Quack 2005, We Are That Nation Who Faced Dangerous Water Flood In 2010, We Are That Nation To Whom Every Body Calls Terrorists, We Are That Nation Who Lost Their Sisters Mothers & Brothers In Many Bomb Blasts, We Are That Nation Which Have No Electricity, We Are That Nation Who Have No Food For 2 Times, Want To Know More About Us Go And Ask From Your Elders Who Are Pakistani’s ?
Inspite Of These Difficulties We Are Not Less Than Anyone, We Are Telanted Nation, With Less Electricity We Are Defacing You Bitches :D We Made Atom Bomb, We Got Many Oskar Awards, We Are The Most Brave Nation, We Have Strong Army America Want Our Army For Their Defence, Becuase They Have Timid And Coward Army Bitches lol

Ok Lets Come To The Main Point, You Just Got Hacked Patch Your Asses, Don’t Know How To Secure Shitts And Making Sites lol,
Huh ! Now Next Time Keep Eye On Your cPanel | Domain | Your Admin Panel Becuase We Can In Again, Take Care
Pakistan Zindabad.

Links of hacked 150 sites with their mirrors can be found here on Pastebin, while link of hacked IBN TV site and its mirrors can be found below.


Pak Cyber Eaglez consists of hackers going with the handles of Sizzling Soul, Mast3r M!nd, P@KhTuN~72, $P@Rk, Code Cracker  and 3V!L.

At the time of publishing this article, all websites were hacked and displaying deface page left by the hackers.

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