IDAPT i2 + Universal Charger [Review & Video]

People nowadays want to see some gadgets which have long battery life and can be taken along when they’re traveling or have a long way to drive or walk. There is still need to produce such a device which can go along and give performance for the whole day even if it is turned on. Undoubtedly all the companies and manufacturers who produce equipment that require battery are in search of such a formula that could increase the battery life at least one complete day in working state.

With the exception of forthcoming with a tremendous and well-organized solar panel affixed to the said devices, the question is that what can we do or which device should be connected with these devices or what other methods are there which can be applied to struggle the situation of not having enough power. We think that just about speaking, ensuring that our piece of equipment is charged whenever there is a time to do so. And the IDAPT i2 + Universal Charger might just fit in to the gap flawlessly.

IDAPT technology has just announced their latest IDAPT i2+ universal charger which was used for the first time at CES 2011 in 2011 January. It basically allows the user to charge a number of different mobile phones at the same time, and apart from that the best quality of the i2+ is that it will keep all your annoying charger wires which more frequently than not, clutter up the place badly and become a puzzle to be solved, and being a tripping vulnerability while opening the jumbled wire.

It also provides its customer with a bonus USB connection which is an attractive offer. This I2+ comes with distinctive exchangeable tips which make it useable with more than a thousand devices like iphone, ipads, Xbox, PSPs and all other electronic devices.

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