iKeyMonitor: A parental control app ensuring safety of your child

iKeyMonitor: A parental control app ensuring safety of your child
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Parents are raising a completely new breed of kids. Nowadays, toddlers use mobile devices and teens use text messages to communicate. Many schools have also integrated computers and tablets in their curriculum. To ensure children use the Internet safely, parents need a parental control app such as iKeyMonitor.

Parents do allow their children to use cell phones as it is one of the best ways to stay in touch with them. It also gives parents an idea that where their kids could be and what are they up to.

Most parents understand that if they limit children’s access to the internet, it could affect their ability to learn and develop. However, allowing your kids to use the internet means exposing them to threats and information that is not appropriate for them.

This is the reason, using a parental control app helps. This is a vital supplement that all parents need in their digital lives. If you are still confused whether or not to use such an app, continue reading:

Ensure the Cyber Safety of your Child

Do you know that cybercrime is a multi-dollar industry? Organizations involved in cybercrime exploit the poor cyber habits of people. According to a recent study held in 2015, it was revealed that more than 689 million people from all around the world were victims of cybercrime.

The brain of a child is constantly developing and learning new things. As they are eager to know more, they have more chances to get involved in risky online behavior, like exploring information that is too much for them to handle and inappropriate for them as well. It may not only let them compromise their own safety but risk others as well.

Manage Time with Parental Control App

No doubt, screen time is addictive – for both adults and kids. They can even mesmerize adults into spending hours and hours glued to the screen, detaching them from their physical surroundings. A child is affected by the screen time in the same manner.

Excessive screen time not only wastes time, but also causes poor eyesight, bad posture, lack of physical activity, and inadequate sleep. Parents might consider limiting the screen time and enforcing a healthy lifestyle. You can do this by setting boundaries and time limit on the media their children get engaged with.

Manage Online Reputation

Kids posts pictures from weekends and vacations on their social media profiles. Though many of these innocent posts go unnoticed, companies and colleges use Google to find the information about a person through their public social media posts and pictures. These organizations decided whether or not to accept or hire a person based on that information.

Remember, whatever you or your child deletes online, it never goes away from the internet. Therefore, it is necessary to keep an eye on the social media privacy settings on your child’s profiles.

Data Backup

As many children use the internet to do their projects and homework, it is vital to back up their important data in a safe place. Teach your children how to store and save your data, and what is its importance. There are many online programs (free and paid) that offer storage services. iKeyMonitor parental control app enables you to store data of your children, in case they couldn’t do themselves.


Having a good parental control app like iKeyMonitor in all internet-enabled devices is to keep an eye on your children’s online activity. It comes up with a number of features that make it extremely easy for you to use keep a check on the digital lives of your children. This new generation of kids is not only smart but intelligent as well. As parents, it is your duty to keep them safe and guide them to make better choices to live independently.

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