Cyber War Continues as Bangladeshi Hackers Hacks more 200 Indian Websites

Cyber War Continues as Bangladeshi Hackers Hacks more 200 Websites

As I had reported earlier how Bangladesh Black HAT Hackers (BBHH) have started cyber war against Indian cyber space by hacking 90 Indian websites. This time the hackers have hacked and defaced 200 Indian websites as a continuation of ongoing cyber warfare.

BBHH claims that all hacks were done against alleged brutality of India Border Security Forces in which targeted sites were left with a message against the BSF in following worlds:

  • It’s time for payback INDIANS. It’s time for the response of INJUSTICE your Government made. We want justice and We want Amiya Ghosh Hanged. This attack is dedicated to all those BANGLADESHI people who lost their lives in border.

The targeted sites belong to private sector such as money transfer, financial institutes, web development companies, real estate business and private clinic. The list does not include any government website.

Links of targeted site with their mirrors are available here.

At the time of publishing this article, all websites were restored and working online.


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