India, Brazil and France Rejects Snowden’s Asylum Request


Thing are getting worse for Snowden as Brazil and India have refused asylum request from former NSA’s whistle blower Edward Snowden’s today.

The officials at Brazilian Foreign Ministry have made it clear that it will not issue any kind of asylum nor interested in replying to  Snowden’s asylum application.

At the other side of continent, India is following Brazil’s footsteps by denying  political asylum to NSA’s whistle blower Edward Snowden where Indian foreign ministry spokesman Syed Akbaruddin said that:

  • Our embassy in Moscow did receive a communication dated 30 June from Mr Edward Snowden. That communication did contain a request for asylum. “Following careful examination, we have concluded that we see no reason to accede to Snowden’s request.

Earlier Wikileaks legal adviser Sarah Harrison had submitted asylum request to 19 countries on behalf of Edward Snowden

It will be a brave decision for any country to allow asylum to Edward Snowden, as the government of US has threatened almost every country for not allowing any kind of asylum to NSA’s whistle blower.


NSA leaker Edward Snowden is getting short on asylum options as France has also rejected his request of Asylum.

In a statement released by French interior ministry, the country had recieved asylum request by NSA’s whistle blower which has been rejected.

Like many countries, France received a request for asylum from Mr. Edward Snowden through its embassy in Moscow. Given the legal analysis and the situation of the interested party, France will not agree.


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