Indian army mistakes Jupiter and Venus as Chinese spy drones

indian-army-mistakes-jupiter-and-venus-as-chinese-spy-dronesIt took Indian army six months to realize that “Chinese spy drones” they have been spying on for violating their cyber space were actually planet Jupiter and Venus.

It has been quoted that the military sources have made a statement that the objects have violated LAC about 155 times.

Therefore the Indian military have called for the Indian Astrophysics institute to make identification of these objects. ‘’ The task that was given to us was to ascertain whether the unidentified flying objects were terrestrial or celestials,’’ said an astronomer Tushar Prabhu, according to the Calcutta-based Telegraph.

It was only once that the movement of the objects was noted with relation or reference to stars. The telegraph has suggested that the sentry should better be forgiven because the planets appear brighter because of the difference in the atmosphere that exists at altitude and due to the increase in the utilization of drones for surveillance purposes.


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